ToDoosy Started the Day My Pond Started Leaking

I started ToDoosy for two reasons. The first, was because I had a problem. A big problem. When we moved into our home, it came with a Koi pond. It was pretty awesome. A waterfall, a fountain, the whole works. But it had a leak. We were using about 250 gallons of water per week just to keep it full.

We hired a “pond guy” to come out to take a look. He drained it, cleaned it, and filled it back up. The leak was worse. We had two other companies come out to take a look. One company tried to patch it; no dice. It still leaked.

Finally, my wife and I said forget it. We decided to fill it in, plant a garden, and call it a day. New problem; where do we find truckloads and truckloads of fill dirt, plus someone to top it off with topsoil and mulch? More problems ensued and I started to think, “there has got to be a better way to find help.”

The second reason I started ToDoosy? I have had the entrepreneurial spirit for about as long as I can remember. I’ve had so many ideas, that my wife budgets a couple of thousand dollars each year just for me to try out all my ideas. Most don’t work, like manufacturing wallets and shirts, some work a little tiny bit, like our Paleo diet snack packs, but nothing huge yet.

But one thing I’ve learned over the last year or two is that what I really care about is teaching others how to have that spirit as well. So the symbiosis began and the combining of the two reasons occurred. If I have problems finding good help for taking care of the little items on my to-do list, many other people probably do as well. And, in the meantime, we can provide a way for people to make a little extra money, and maybe even turn it into a business for themselves.

Maybe one of our Providers starts out only wanting to make a couple of hundred extra dollars a month by painting a couple of rooms, or doing some lawn care. But just maybe they do such a good job, win so many bids, and start making a good enough living that they can leave their “full-time” job and strike out on their own.

I only hope we can provide that opportunity for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. And in the meantime, I can find someone to fill in my pond.