Every Charlie Brown Needs a Lucy


As a kid, I used to watch all the Charlie Brown specials, and in every one, poor old Chuck fell for Lucy’s mean streak. She would always manage to swindle him into believing her that she would hold the football steady while he tried to kick it, and every time, she would yank the ball away just as he was about to kick it and he would fall flat on his back.

Mean? Of course. Was he a schmuck for falling for it every time? Probably.

But you know what? I think we all need a Lucy to yank the ball out from under us every now and then, for a couple of reasons. We all have bosses we dislike, bad “friends”, and people who don’t believe in our dreams. But if we are able to use their negativity and ill-wishes as fuel, it can propel us to achieve greater and greater things in life.

The drive to prove others wrong is a pretty under-appreciated force in my belief. Sometimes we just need a good kick in the pants, or have a football pulled out from under us, to keep us on the path we know we need to be on to achieve our goals and dreams.

Secondly, for every negative comment about our product, or service, or goal, or dream, we can further refine our offering and plans. Use those comments as a “devil’s advocate” scenario and make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases and are providing a product or service that is the best it can be.

So go ahead, use the Haters to drive you forward, make your offering the best it can be, and one day you can just shove the football down their throat.